Another aggressive Muslim -- threatens woman

But now he's whining, in typical bully fashion

A PERTH doctor will find out tomorrow if he becomes the first person in WA to have his vehicle permanently confiscated under road rage legislation. Ala’A Mohammed Ali Al Rammahi, 44, of Noranda, was fined $1000 and has his licence suspended for nine months after pleading guilty to reckless driving in September.

The GP drove his Alfa Romeo through a roundabout in March as he attempted to overtake a woman with her two children in the car.

The woman feared a collision and sounded her horn, prompting the doctor to chase her for several kilometres. She drove at high speed trying to lose her pursuer and at one point ran a red light. The woman drove past an unmarked police car and the doctor cut in front of the vehicle, almost causing a collision.

Police alleged he then approached the woman in a threatening and aggressive manner when all three vehicles came to a halt. His vehicle was impounded for 28 days.

In giving evidence at Perth Magistrates’ Court today, the doctor said he was suffering financial hardship and his two medical practices were not making any money. “I haven’t been paid since the (last) medical centre opened in April,” he said.

The court heard that payments on the Alfa Romeo, which the GP estimated to be worth $17000 to $20,0000, were in arrears although he was expected to have the estimated $6700 owing on the car paid off by March next year.

The doctor said he now has to rely on taxis to get to and from work and has had to cancel home visits. He said his wife had given up her university course to help him commute but she was now overseas.


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