African attacks on Indians spread to Brisbane

Africans hate Indians because Indians show that a dark skin is no bar to success

A Sudanese refugee who assaulted two Indian students in separate robberies had shown little respect for the law, a court heard today. In the District Court in Brisbane Judge Kerry O'Brien was jailing Majok Mayen, 21, for four years on a total of nine offences committed over a 20 month period between February last year and October this year.

Judge O'Brien said most of the offences were committed when Mayen was either on bail, probation or a community service order. He warned Mayen he would be spending longer and longer in jail unless he mended his ways. Judge O'Brien jailed Mayen for four years with parole eligibility on September 20 next year which took into account time Mayen had already spent in custody on remand.

Mayen pleaded guilty to robbery with personal violence causing wounding, robbery with personal violence, common assault, and wilful damage. He also pleaded guilty to summary charges of disqualified driving, breach of a domestic violence order and public nuisance.

Prosecutor Dennis Kinsella said Mayen was drinking with friends and was in Melton St at Nundah, on Brisbane's northside, when he saw an Indian student, 21, walking the opposite direction, on February 14 last year. Mr Kinsella detailed how Mayen left his friends and began talking to the student before suddenly taking the student's mobile phone.

Mayen then forced the student to nearby Oxenham Park where he assaulted the victim with a broken vodka bottle as well as punching and kneeing him. Mr Kinsella said Mayen later forced the student to withdraw $500 from his bank account at an automatic teller machine.

He said while on bail for those offences Mayen assaulted a man, 21, at a video arcade at Chermside, also on the northside. Mayen was still on bail when he punched and robbed an Indian student, 24, who was working as a cab driver, on February 27 this year. Mr Kinsella said Mayen had also damaged the taxi cab's security camera.

Barrister Rob East said it was an unfortunate case of someone who had initially done very well in "the land of plenty" since coming to Australia from Sudan in 2003.

Mr East said, however, after a family upheaval Mayen had begun drinking alcohol at age 17 and his offending was directly linked to it. He said Mayen had celebrated his recent 21st birthday by going to Drug Arm in an effort to overcome his drinking problem.



  1. Sounds like the man's problems are related to poor mental health and alcoholism. How do you reach the conclusion that Africans (all of them?) hate Indians because "they show that a dark skin is no bar to success"? You're big on evidence when it seems to suit you - any evidence for this corker?

  2. Glad to hear you are still reading, Toaf

    I didn't say all of them

    I spoke in general terms only

    Try to give up the straw men, Toaf

  3. "Africans hate Indians"... Seems pretty clear. But hey, you're the Doctor.

    Anyway, be it general terms or straw men, what's your evidence?

  4. First a reply in under ten minutes, now nothing. Dammit! I must've entered Chinese characters by mistake!

  5. "what's your evidence"

    Uh, did you read the article? Typical of the left. Ignore the evidence of your eyes and only believe what fits your deranged utopian dreams.

  6. It apparently doesn't get through to Toafy that just the sight of an Indian set the African guy off

    1. I totally agree. Black people get really upset that they cannot hide behind the excuse of racism t be so backward, when they can see Indians working hard and getting ahead. I'm a medical doctor and I have seen the same thing happening even here, I can only imagine it could be worse in other fields.

  7. You're right, dudes. My comprehensions skills are shocking - no doubt a result of being "left". I have checked the article again for a reference to the perpetrator being motivated by racist hatred, but I can't find it. Can you highlight it for me?

  8. I have now put up a full reply to your question, Toafy, old boy. See a more recent post


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