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Every now and again, I like to say ‘hi’ to a moonbat. Actually, it’s a lot less than ‘every now and again’, but this troll’s level of self-confidence was so indescribably - je ne ces quoi (you need a little magic in your life, after all) - that I’ve decided today is the day! So, let’s all say ‘hi’ to Lucy:
Once a month or so i like to trawl around the murky world of right wing blogs. I also like to leave a little comment to try and spark some intelligent debate but as yet i have not found a spark of intelligence among any of them.
For a small sample of Lucy’s challenging commentary, this was the little missive of the month that so caught my attention, deposited a while ago here at AWH:
All religious books should be banned, it is all dangerous nonsense anyhow.
And, just so you are all in full appreciation mode, here is another:
You want a debate over wars of religions and wars of communists countries although technically they was totalitarian regimes and had nothing in coming with the marxist doctrine except in name.
Well, I was certainly left to do some very deep thinking after reading these pearls. So much so, I decided to take a closer look at this fierce (and intelligent – with sparks) nemesis of the ‘murky’ right.

When i was part of the media i would be the recipient of many correspondence from people of a right leaning persuasion who disagreed with my opinions. . .
Let me hazard a guess that there might also have been a fair few who were simply trying to decipher your syntax, Lucy; a tricky ask, really, given I suspect you would be replying in writing. . .

. . .and that's their prerogative, if i said things that everyone agreed with then what would be the point of me saying them!
Oh, no point at all, Lucy. And I must remember that. Note to self: never, ever say anything everyone might agree with.

Using my knowledge of how pretentious and righteous these bigots can be, I liked the idea of running a blog to keep my hand in as it were, but it seems that the right wing bloggers are afraid to indulge in a little debate, my comments go unanswered and I know that they visit me here because my stats page tells me they have cast an eye this way, but still no debate.
Oh – my – Gawd. . .

In the face of all that ‘knowledge’, and having ‘not found a spark of intelligence’ here among the ‘pretentious and righteous bigots’ (did you like my French, Luc’?), and with such searing debating points left here at AWH by Luc’ such as, ‘It explains why America is going down the tubes quicker then you can say Tiberius the penisless’, or ‘worked though didn't it . . .ha ha ha ha..suckers’, I shall have to seriously consider hanging up my debating spurs. But let’s read on, shall we?

Come on conservative bloggers, have the courage of your convictions and engage with me, i'm not that scary and you don't need to go shy on me. Just because i am a trained professional in the art of text warfare. . .
From what I’ve seen, Lucy appears to be having considerable trouble stringing a coherent sentence together, let alone an argument. But by all means, best of luck with all that ‘art of text warfare’ stuff, Luc’.

. . .and there isn't anything that you can call me that i haven't been called before. . .
I believe you, Lucy.

. . .so what are you afraid of? All i can surmise from the lack of retaliation is that you don't actually have the well rounded views and arguments that you write about so cleverly on your blogs, maybe it's a peacock thing with it all being show.
No, I very much suspect it’s a ‘not wanting to be cruel to dumb animals’ thing.

Take a step into my domain, i will be gentle and who knows, maybe you will become a better person for it and if you ask nicely, i may even write a guest column for you, that would get your readers talking.

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