Dare you question..

..the green movement!!

Recently that wretched John Howard stirred up a lot of environmentalists by daring to, heaven forbid, talk about nuclear power!! Wind wind wind, I tell you is the future, throw in the Kyoto protocol, and that wretched Bush who won't sign it, and greenies will be feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Never mind that windfarms will be built in that eeeevil Bush's home state Texas, or that environmentalist Ted Kennedy opposes them in Nantucket Sound, because the flashing lights on the turbines will steal his precious stars and nighttime views, whats this world coming to when you can't give a free kick to America or conservatives.

This is where Europe (referred to by some, drunk as skunks on common sense, as Eurabia) steps in, in many ways Eurabia seems to be playing the role of Guinea pig. I remember reading somewhere "A fool learns from his own mistakes, a wise man learns from another's", I know I should really say wise 'person', but I am hoping the PC brigade will come for me with the wet lettuce, I shall meet them with sharpened steel and boot heel.

But back to Eurabia, they are so progressive that the rest of the world can just sit back and see how to do things and learn from their mistakes. We not only stand to benefit from observing their flirtation with Islamic extremism, but also wind power.
It [Germany] has decided that generating nuclear power is not the way forward, and it has decided eventually to close all the country's existing nuclear power stations.

Under the Kyoto Protocol, Germany is committed to cutting its greenhouse gas emissions. Wind power has obvious advantages as the electricity it generates is non-polluting.
Learn you fools, learn from Chernobyl, how many millions must die!!
The country's great hope for is for a future of green energy, and in particular wind power. Germany's politicians plan to have 20% of the country's energy coming from renewable sources like wind by 2020.

But a row is brewing over the cost of building the power lines which will be needed. Germany's energy agency says this will cost 1.1bn euros ($1.4bn; £750m) or an extra 17 euros a year for each household.

But energy specialist Professor Wolfgang Pfaffenberger, of Bremen International University, says these figures are too low and it will be domestic customers who will foot the bill. "It is a big problem for industrial users to pay these extra prices because other countries have cheaper energy. To keep the jobs here, and stop businesses from leaving, more of the costs will be pushed to the domestic sector."
Didn't Bush and Howard refuse to sign Kyoto protocol because it would hurt our respective country's economies, imagine that putting their country's interests before mother earth.
For now, few in Germany are questioning the country's wind energy programme. The savings in terms of greenhouse gas emissions are politically popular.
Wait till jobs get blown over the border to other countries, lets see how popular it is then.
So once again we just need to sit back and observe folks, who knows maybe the Germans will be carried away by the winds of prosperity because of this.

Meanwhile, I say let mean ol' Howard fiddle with uranium cakes and tinker with fissile material, lets see how that goes, just ignore the few scare mongers and usual suspects.

My money is on him.

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