Glory, Glory, VSU-jah

Glory, Glory, VSU-jah!
Glory, Glory, VSU-jah!
Glory, Glory, VSU-jah!
Lefty scum are being smashed.

Oh I love it.

Over at Rational Minded, a link was posted to and comments there about the impending VSU legislation. A few were covered in that post but as I read them, there were just too many good ones not to share with you. So I have done. Most of them were not (to my great surprise) leftist wankers showing what worthless scum they are. Of course there were some of them so my mocking of them can continue.

Salty Dog takes a shit on the lawn with:

Most students who say “I never use Union funded services” don’t know half of the things that Union funds are spent on and are more often than not using them without realising it.

There would be an easy fix for this. All the unions would have to do is provide independently audited accounts of how the money was spent. Of course being the utterly corrupt and worthless organisations student unions are, they don’t want people to know what they spend money on because they know there would be howls of protest if students knew exactly how much they were getting screwed

Nick the Dick(head) spews up with:

You could argue then, why should I pay Medicare, or taxes, for things I don’t use? It is simple really, look past your own selfishness and think of the benefits for all.

I don’t mind paying some small amount of taxes. For the roads I drive on, for the protection the military, police, customs etc. But why should I pay Medicare when I pay private health insurance? Were I able to pump the 600 odd dollars stolen from me for Medicare into my private health insurance I could be on a much better lever of coverage which would cover me for pretty much everything. Can any of you leftist dickheads give me a proper answer as to why I shouldn’t be free to do that? Of course not.

A young tosser named Adam1 then has a big cry:

I’m a year 12 student now and I’m despairing at the prospect of three years+ of study with fewer ‘perks’ than I’m getting at school. VSU will reduce the number of activities I can take part in and make the remaining ones dearer...fantastic

Awww. Boo hoo hoo. Suck it up cry-baby. Notice how the young leftists are just like the old ones (or should that be the old ones just like the young ones?) in that they know nothing about the real world and how things actually work.

Next we have a dipshit named Sickofthestupids. He/She/It claims to be sick of the stupids, and given the utter stupidity of his/her/its post, clearly he/she/it must be sick of his/her/its self.

We live in a welfare society and I’m proud of it

Yes you read that right. This piss poor excuse of a person is proud of living in a welfare society. It’s the single greatest reason why Australia is being held back. All this lazy leftist scum all over the country thinking they are entitled to everything instead of getting off their stupid lazy shitbag arses and earning it.

Then we have someone called Esther with this load of crap:

It isn’t the cheap beer and childcare being destroyed by VSU that makes me angry, but the bigger issue of the university community being destroyed. Students already have little free time because of working a job as well as endless uni assessments which makes it very hard for student magazines, drama clubs, support groups, environmental groups etc etc to get members. Why do you think student protests aren’t in the news any more? Many people are interested but don’t have time to contribute.

What can I say but good! No student magazines? Boo hoo hoo. Just more leftist propaganda being funded by hard working student’s fees. And as for the protests, only left wing dickheads are interested in protests. Everyone else is out there being a useful and productive member of the community.

And from Tony Hackett we have this load. It would be funny if he weren’t so serious.

This article is a disgrace and makes a mockery of what VSU will really do to campus life, especially at regional universities. Oh no, they’ve had to shut down 2 out of 5 bars in South Australia. What about here in Lismore where we’ve had to shut down the free denist, shut down the student magazine, lay off half our staff, including our student rights advocate. Not to mention the clubs and societies, child care, the women’s room, the organic food shop - all of this is gone now.

Here’s an idea - how about shutting down your rent a crowd protest filth and stop trying to destroy public property instead of shutting down your student advocacy. I have already told you how to have a decent student advocacy service. If you leftist scum are really concerned with that, why haven’t you started to implement it? And the women’s room. Boo hoo. Oh no. Women will now be treated exactly live everybody else. Equality, horrible equality! And as for the fag food shop – is there a bigger waste of student funds? Only good is done by getting rid of that shit.

Here we have something from Zebubble. Not a leftist himself but something that shows exactly what shit leftists are:

The University paid to renovate the toilet stalls at a uni so that they were nice for the start of the new year… the first day written in permanent marker were the words ‘Kick Liberals out!!!’ Yep that’s a really good use of student union fees as I have no doubt that the Left which were in power were responsible...not only that but they also don’t believe in recycling.

And now we come indisputable proof of what pure scum leftists are.


How about a news article on 100,000 dead Iraqi civilians!

Lord Admiral Guntrun

VSU will kill university culture and the social experiences.
Schooling in the 19th century was once touted as the factory for producing ‘sane and socially proper individuals’. With legislation like this, we’re turning our unis into degree factories. If I can now voluntarily pay fees for services I do not use, can I use the same principle in regards to taxes? I’m not a big fan of paying money to murder iraqi civillians.

This truly shows what scum leftists are. Trev and the entire left are so completely intellectually bankrupt and dishonest that not only can’t he argue on the topic, but they even have to use proven lies and bullshit to attempt to make a point off topic.

Same with Lord Admiral Cockhead. Once again, blatant lies and falsehoods in a dismal attempt to make an off topic point. And as for the degree factories and sane and proper people – good. Look at how unis today are infested with worthless leftist trash. The best thing we could would be to turn universities back in the 19th Century when you actually learned something of value.

As I said at the start of this post, I expected this comment thread to be full of leftist dickheads but I was pleasantly surprised. Numerous other decent, upstanding citizens had taken it upon themselves to mock leftist dickheads over the VSU issue:

From Scott:

If we require CSU - Compulsory Student Unionism, how about :
CBD - Compulsory Blood Donation
CMS - Compulsory Military Service
CCC - Compulsory Chess Clubs
CWD - Compulsory Wednesday Doughnuts
COD - Compulsory Organ Donation
Ohh… Thats right, we live in a country where we have both FREEDOM and CHOICE.. If the CSU is so bloody good then all students will be flocking to join. In reality it is only good for those who mooch off the other students. The ideal of the Left!

Reality Check chimes in with

My message to those lamentling the end of the “gravy train”, focus on earning a degree that will actually help you get a job, and if you want anything in life, get out there and earn it yourself.

Peter nails it:

Typical scaremongering. I would have thought Uni pubs would be the most profitable of all - why are they being forced to close?? The socialist student union leaders are the only ones who have been enjoying free rides and these are their dying gasps.

Justin states the obvious...well, obvious to anyone with more than two functional brain cells (i.e anyone not a leftist):

and the other ‘services’ seem to be based around providing a plaything for wannabe student politicians. What a joke: these same ‘poor’ students that’ll lose their bar will have an extra $400 a year to spend their money on what they want.

Matt mocks with the best of them:

The left wing greeny cash cow of CSU is almost dead. People with cushy admin jobs are now going to have to find real work. Who will pay the rent for the rent a crowd protests now? It’s so sad. Long live VSU!!!!!!!

Mark W hits the target dead centre:

Have you ever seen a bigger bunch of naive, incompetent fools than the losers who bludge either on the councils or as workers in these student unions.... if us students had had to rely on you lot to “mentor and guide us”, we would have been better off putting a gun to our head....

Ang J on the end of an era:

But I do think that VSU will be the end of an era, we’ll no longer be subjected to torrents of left-wing union propaganda on campus. Students won’t have to watch as the NUS pays to subsidise extremists performing illegal acts at detention centres of support unpopular protests with other unions such as the MUA as they did in my undergraduate days.

And Pete S sums it up very nicely:

My heart bleeds.
Welcome to the real world. Great isn’t it !!

Too bloody right!

And to all the leftist scum who are going to ooze by this site, let me just say:


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