Good God!!

What is this world coming to when you can refer to God publicly, let alone in the constitution, without fear of ridicule or having your head chopped off. I thought European leftists had finally rid themselves of the wretched Christians and were in the process of marginalizing them in the US.

After the hang-out-dry and subsequent fleeing of Hirsi Ali and the EU Paper shufflers desperate to secure free travel for Hamas officials, I thought the Europeans were just about negotiating which aspects of Sharia they could adopt and which parts they could hold off (for now) in return for possessions and land. But no, it seems not all, are ready to pick out burqas and familiarise themselves with daily prayer times and routes to the local mosques.
German chancellor Angela Merkel has spoken out in favour of a reference to God in the EU constitution. Speaking in Saarbrucken, Christian Democrat Merkel said "We live in a world in which we want to understand and communicate with other religions and cultures".

This includes knowing your own roots and being aware of them which is why God and the Christian belief should be included into the EU constitution, she indicated. Europe would lose something if it were to push its historical reference to the side, she said.

It is the first time Berlin has spoken out in favour of a Christian reference in the EU constitution, and could potentially reopen one of the most bitter debates surrounding the drawing up of the document four years ago.
'Bitter debates' folks, that's what is has come to, oh those wretched christians, why oh why.. I wonder if the debate would be so 'Bitter' if the reference were to Allah.
Spain, Italy and Poland were among the most active countries in pushing for a strong Christian reference in the constitution - Germany's Christian Democrats were also very vocal but they were then in opposition.

At the time, the rhetoric surrounding the religion debate led Turkey, a predominantly Muslim country, to accuse the EU of acting like a Christian Club.
Christian Club? Oh my, wait till they find out about the drugs, alcohol, prostitution, gambling etc in Europe, the Islamists with their whips and cranes are going to be very very busy.

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