Lessons for Leftists

Violence has erupted in Paris as thousands of French students took to the streets to protest against a controversial labour law.

Dozens of youths smashed windows, looted shops, set fire to cars and hurled stones at police. But the majority of protesters were peaceful, many of them linking arms as police tackled the violent fringe.

His government proposed the law as part of a series of measures designed to help youths in the French suburbs who took to the streets last year.

Remember back when the burning of cars in France was unacceptably high, as if there is a acceptable level. Remember when the muslim youth took to the streets in France, burning and pillaging freely for weeks.

The politicians and leftist social scientists told us it was because of low employment, racism, police brutality, the youth were just misunderstood etc. Hardline politicians were smacked down for 'inciting' more violence, when they suggested deporting or punishing these thugs. Instead meeting after meeting, threats issued from under desks, fingers wagged, long periods of navel gazing and appeasement were the order of the day.

See what happens when you don't crack down on the scum when they get violent, they just carry on, when you try to give them jobs, they don't want jobs either, burning and pillaging is a lot easier, no point waffling around the issues and going soft on them, break a few legs, kick a few crotches and I'll bet they'll warm to the alternative.

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