You're not alone

I'm personally enraged that more is not being done to help Abdul Rahman. Has the Pope said anything on his behalf? I know that Condi phoned President Karzai over this a day or so ago, and I know that Bush calling him directly would probably undermine his position more than anything else, but I have to say, if this man isn't rescued by the powers that be in the west, then we have already lost this war. We will have surrendered the initiative to the enemy, and people who should have taken heart from the example we set, won't.

They'll see a man whose faith won't allow him to be untrue to his saviour, even as we, unworthy wretches, are untrue to him.

For more on Abdul Rahman's situation, see Michelle Malkin.

If you are a religious person, please take the time to remember him in your prayers.

If you are not, let his face burn into your memory. Remember it the next time you see Muslims harping in a protest that they're the victims of western Islamophobia.

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