The right to be an illegal immigrant...

THOUSANDS of demonstrators in California protested moves to impose stricter U.S.
immigration laws on Saturday, while President George W. Bush urged wary
Republicans to take up his guest-worker proposal.
More than 10,000
immigrants and their supporters clogged the streets in front of Los Angeles City
Hall to protest a proposed law they see as punitive to undocumented
workers.“This bill is wrong because this is a country for everybody who wants to
live a better life and this is a free world,” said protester Lionel Vanegas, who
owns an accounting firm.

The U.S. is a country “for everone who wants to live a better life”? Really? I thought the U.S. was a warmongering capitalist Great Satan..silly me. Perhaps if everyone who wants to live a better life addressed the inequalities and injustices in their own country, there’d be no need to flee to Western civilised countries.The comment “this is a free world” is bloody laughable. It isn’t. Citizens of Western countries enjoy a degree of prosperity and freedom because they subscribe to private property rights and the separation of church and state. The protesters would do better to protest the lack of these things in the countries that are economic basket cases, instead of demanding the right to suck from the American taxpayer’s tit.

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