How a Left-dominated justice system works

The article from NSW below seems almost incomprehensible until you know that the offenders are all, or almost all, black. How do I know that? The article does not mention race. But I know Redfern both from reputation and experience. I have lived there and driven taxicabs through it. And also take a close look at the photo accompanying the article

Teenagers repeatedly freed on "soft" bail are responsible for a wave of inner-city assaults and robberies, say police. Officers at Redfern are outraged over scores of recent attacks by up to a dozen offenders, some as young as 13. They say they are powerless to protect victims because the youths responsible are being let off by magistrates despite toughened bail criteria in the wake of the Cronulla riots.

A 16-year-old boy charged with multiple counts of robbery, assault, car breaking, trespassing and breaching bail pleaded guilty to most of the charges he faced at Bidura Children's Court last Wednesday. Police records show the offences had been committed largely during a five-month period in which the same court awarded him bail seven times.

Robbery figures for the command are higher than at any stage in the past three years. In September alone, 96 incidents were reported in the command, almost twice the number on record in February 2004 when the troubled suburb was branded Australia's bag snatch capital following riots ensuing from the death of Thomas "T.J" Hickey, 17, who may have believed he was being chased by police. Taxi drivers have been bludgeoned with hammers, and people punched and kicked by up to 10 offenders after handing over their valuables.

In response to the rampage, officers within the command's robbery unit formed Strike Force Artlett in early October. As a result, the number of robberies dropped but investigations revealed "a frustrating, high level of repeat violent offences being committed by a core of active and violent juvenile offenders", an internal police report states. "It was quickly ascertained that this level of recidivist offenders were subject to repeated arrest and charging for violent and serious indictable offences but were immediately being granted bail. "This has fostered a belief within this group, and as such continues to impact on the younger members of the community, that their actions are supported by the judicial authority through a failure to be held accountable."

One teenager facing detention over his role in a robbery is alleged to have told the arresting officers: "So what, I will go to Minda [juvenile justice centre] for two weeks, eat pizza and play PlayStation. I will be out before I get bored." When the document was tendered to the court in a bail matter, the magistrate refused to read it, detectives allege.

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