Biggus Dickus

In the mind of Australian 'futurist' Richard Neville, there are a myriad of competing thoughts about politics, society, the environment and humanity's role in the present and future tableau. That selection of thoughts often makes it's way to his site, where they proudly reside, displayed to all and sundry, as the public insanity of a doomed man.

39. As Einstein pointed out, you can’t solve serious problems with the same mind set that created them. You can’t deal with climate change without experiencing a change of consciousness. We’re already half way through the first decade of a new millennium, and our leaders are still stuck with a medieval mindset. And we’re stuck with them. Meanwhile, many thousands of citizens have moved on from the Newtonian view of the world, with its focus on certainty, dualism, us-against-them, good-against-evil. A post-modern age requires a fluid sense of strategy, deep empathy, the acceptance of multiple stories. It seeks from leaders a way of coping with paradox, a flair for handling complex projects in surreal environments, an understanding that holistic thinking matters more than spin, trickery and photo ops. While such a mind shift is gathering speed at the grass roots, the mentally decrepit “survival of the fittest” war-horses at the top are trying to quell the new awakening with the age-old strategy of invoking FEAR. It is a strategy that comes easy, as their own demons rise up to haunt them, and they desperately seek to unload their terror. But the global mind shift required for a sustainable future is underway, and grass-roots groups are cleaning up waterways, reforming third world aid, shining a light on injustice. Their rallying cry becomes ever more relevant: “Another World is Possible. Let us build it.”

More of last week's crazies can be found here. Looks like Dick celebrated the 100th birthday of the discovery of LSD with a private party.

Weep not for the man, for he knows what he has writ. Weep for the society that proclaims him as it's spiritual guide.

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