Cleaning House

In response to Stephen Harper's news conference yesterday, University of Toronto political scientist Nelson Wiseman warned the Conservatives against "picking" old fights with the Liberals.
"It wears off after a while... Piling on is a penalty in football and politics," he said yesterday.
What a load of turkey feathers. Harper vowed to enact his Federal Accountability Act as part of his campaign platform. If even more Liberal discrepancies are uncovered is that "piling on"? There is still $40 million unaccounted for. Is holding the Liberals responsible for that "piling on"? Are we suddenly supposed to turn a blind eye to everything simply because the Liberals lost the election? I don't think so. There are still many questions which need answers and I want those answers. And I want those who engaged in criminal activities to be held accountable. Losing the election was only the first step. This is not over, not by a long shot. If that bothers you Mr.Wiseman than don't watch. It won't be pretty.

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