Russia could launch a large-scale attack on the West as soon as 2026, classified German intelligence documents have reportedly revealed

I am tired of reading scare reports like this. They are patent nonsense.  Ukraine  has destroyed almost all of Russia's tanks and half of its airforce so what is Russia going to attack with?  They could rebuild but that would just be repeating a mistake. If it cannot defeat Uktraine who can it defeat?  The war in Ukraine has revealed that Russia is a paper tiger

German spooks are said to have recently observed a “significant intensification of Russian arms”.

The classified report, seen by Business Insider, reportedly suggests Russia is preparing for a large-scale conflict with the West.

The reorganisation of Russia’s army, troop movements, and missile deployments in the west of the country are among the signs said to be identified in the document, The Sun reported.

The outlet said: “Analysis by German intelligence services is currently circulating in the German government.

“According to this, a significant intensification of Russian arms production is being observed, which could lead to Russia doubling its military power in the next five years compared to today, especially in conventional weapons.”

The projections reportedly led intelligence services to conclude that an attack on NATO territory could “no longer be ruled out” from 2026.

NATO officials were said to be concerned about Russia’s growing military capabilities but did not believe, necessarily, that it meant the West will be dragged into war with Russia, Business Insider reports.

An American intelligence assessment found it might take Russia five to eight years to restore its military strength to what it was before Putin’s disastrous invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

The report has not yet been made public by German spies, the outlet noted.

Vladimir Putin this week warned he is prepared to launch nuclear weapons if he feels the West is threatening Russia’s sovereignty.

He declared weapons “exist in order to use them” in his most chilling World War Three threat yet.

“We have our own principles.

“We are ready to use weapons, including any weapons, including [nuclear], if we are talking about the existence of the Russian state, harming our sovereignty and independence.”

Leaked government documents were claimed by Ukrainian hackers to prove the tyrant is preparing for a major conflict.

The bombshell papers, seemingly signed by Putin, supposedly revealed his chilling plans to attack Europe if Ukraine is defeated.

Ukraine’s National Resistance Centre said its hackers intercepted the documents via email.  <i>[propaganda]</i>


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