Only one man can stop the world plunging into full-scale war

The article below from just two days ago by Geraldine Brooks is an amusing example of journalistic "wisdom". She forgot that there were two sides to the conflict so was proved wrong when the "other" side backed down.

It was actually a very common fear that an Israeli attack on Iran would ignite WWIII but Bibi's judgment was proven correct when nothing in fact happened when he retaliated against the Iranians. It is in fact very reassuring that the Prime Minister of Israel was the one with the best judgment.

I was talking to my son about this matter this morning and he made the good point that Trump would have handled the matter better. He suggested that, like Biden, Trump would have supported Israel but that he would have done so in a clearer, more decisive and simpler way. I think that is true. Fortunately only one wise man was needed - Netanyhu. Alarmists are still hollering but the game seems to be basically over for now

With all the blood and terror since last October, it is easy to forget that it took five back-to-back elections to put Bibi Netanyahu in the position he now occupies: the leader whose next decision might plunge his region, and maybe the world, into full-scale war.

This power rests in the hands of a man who, at home, has become widely despised, with only 15 per cent of Israelis now saying they support him.


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