Australia's Olympic uniforms were unveiled on Wednesday, with big changes

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The green and gold used previously made sense as a reference to Australia's founding on gold mining and farming but all I see here is blue jackets and white skirts with yellow splotches on them that make it look like the ladies have wee'd themselves. They will be a laughing stock. Some people just don't know when to leave well enough alone. It's supposed to be "creative" but you need talent for that. Just being different is not enough

A number of hopefuls took to Clovelly Beach in Sydney to pose in their new outfits - which a global audience of over one billion people will see - while morning swimmers took to the waves.

The biggest twist of them all is the colouring of the uniform.

The classic green has made way for a trendy teal for the games in France

'We're on the fashion stage and we wanted to make our athletes proud, as well as putting a contemporary feel into the uniforms,' said Elisha Hopkinson, chief executive of APG & Co, owner of official uniform supplier Sportscraft.

'We have to use the green and gold. For us, the priority is making sure that the colours sing and feel contemporary.'

'Over the years, the shades of green have changed, and in Sydney 2000 we had the ochre blazers, but I think the green is beautiful,' added Olympic gold medallist and former senator Nova Peris. 'Just as important is having Indigenous identity and culture embedded in the uniforms.'

'It helps athletes understand that when you represent this country you don't just represent 250 years, you represent 65,000 years.'

The blazers will be worn over tank tops or white T-shirts, while stone chino shorts also feature teal and gold details.


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