Wrong to call called a London police officer “a stupid white bastard”?

It appears to be a criminal offence in Britain. One would think that a policeman would be accustomed to abuse and would see it as all in a day's work

On the other hand, what if the cop had been black and was called a "stupid black bastard"? In that case the abuser would undoubtedly have had the book thrown at them

The Left are in a huge pickle over this. They do not want a popular brown woman to be described as racist but they have difficulty expaining how an explicitly racist comment is not an explicitly racist comment

Their difficulty stems from their own past politiical opportunism when they have descibed any comment about race as indicating racism. That stupidity has come back to haunt them

The moment Samantha May Kerr made her Matildas debut at the age of 15, everyone watching knew there was something special about her. From her uncanny ability to sniff out a goal, to her strengths in the air, and her unaffected charm – Kerr’s career trajectory was as thrilling to watch as it was to enjoy once she reached the heights of global esteem.

But no amount of penalty shootouts, World Cup appearances or Women’s FA Cup finals could prepare Kerr for the pressure she’s under now after news broke that she’d been charged with causing racially aggravated harassment, alarm or distress to a London police officer.

It has since come to light, via British tabloid The Sun, that Kerr allegedly called a police officer “a stupid white bastard” during a dispute over a taxi fare on January 30 last year. She reportedly vomited in the cab after a night out and is alleged to have made the slur when police arrived.

Many will question whether the alleged slur satisfies a criminal threshold. Where a black and white argument starts to become grey is whether or not the alleged remark amounts to a form of racism. We know little of the detail but we know this much: a white, male police officer is accusing a lesbian, female footballer of Indian heritage of racism.



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