Wishy Wilson is back, madder than ever

He has launched a tirade of Warmist claims with no scientific foundation whatsoever.  But he is marijuana-dependent these days so perhaps we should cut him some slack

He is something of an elitist so Green/Left views are to be expected of him, though he is more extreme than most.  His past as a Duntroon student and an investment banker certainly confirm his elitist identity

He is also an enemy of Christmas.  That is he in the centre below

Note about his hyphen:  Hyphenated names can arise in a number of ways but ususally a Miss Whish (say) decides that she is really too grand to marry a mere Wilson (say) so marries on condition that all her children are known as Whishes as well as Wilsons.  So Peter's hyphen would seem to betray a certain inherited arrogance.  But Greenies think that they are the real people and the rest of us are cattle so he is clearly in the right party.

Greens Senator Peter Whish-Wilson has criticised Labor for failing to protect The Great Barrier Reef, saying the Albanese government’s policies have Australia “on track to blow through the two degrees warming threshold.”

“Warming oceans caused by the burning of fossil fuels is the single greatest threat to the Great Barrier Reef, and still Labor wants more coal, more gas and more Reef destruction,” Mr Whish-Wilson wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Try as they might, Labor’s attachment to the “drug dealers' defence,” that if we don’t export it someone else will, is meaningless to the protection of the Reef.,” he said More

Mr Whish-Wilson said a 99 per cent decline in the world's coral reefs will ensue if the threshold is broken, including the world’s largest living organism, the Great Barrier Reef.“The only thing that will save the Great Barrier Reef is an end to fossil fuels. That starts with saying no to new coal and gas. This is the bare minimum required to give the Reef a chance of survival," he said. “After two years in government, Labor refuses to do what is required to protect the future of the Reef. Only the Greens in balance of power will implement a climate trigger and take action to stop the fossil fuel cartel before it destroys our climate and the places we hold dear.”



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