Old man allegedly injured by black beggar woman in callous CBD attack

Being 80 myself, I am aware of how easily someone in their 80s can be hurt. A fall can be particularly damaging. I have twice broken bones in recent falls

Wherever there is a significant Aboriginal population, black beggars are a common blight. And their approach can be intimidatory. I once saw a black beggar walk into a restaurant and take food off the plate of an Asian man dining there. I have myself been approached by black beggars on a number of occasions

A woman has been charged following the shocking alleged assault of an 82-year-old man in the Cairns CBD. On Monday it̢۪s alleged the elderly man was approached by 37-year-old Jasmine Jane Lenoy who asked for money. The man denied the request.

Police allege the assailant crossed the road behind the 82-year-old victim before yelling at him and attempting to block his path. She then allegedly pushed him to the ground outside the Commonwealth Bank.

Paramedics were called and treated the man on the ground for facial injuries and shock before taking him in a stable condition to Cairns Hospital.

Bystanders reported the woman had previously been involved in a separate scuffle with another woman who was leaving the Lake St bank.

During her arrest police allege Ms Lenoy repeatedly failed to comply with officer instructions and was yelling profanities.

Ms Lenoy was originally charged with serious assault of a person over 60, obstruct police and commit public nuisance, however during a brief court appearance before Magistrate Cathy McLennan, the charge of assault was upgraded to grievous bodily harm by the prosecution.

Ms Lenoy did not apply for bail.


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