I have owned a huge mass of books over the years, including a lot of reference books, if anybody remembers what they are. But I have given most of them away. Once I became an internet user, there seemed no point in looking up books any more. It was easier to click on a link and read anything I wanted without getting up from my armchair.

What I did not foresee is the huge climate of politically correct censorship that has descended on us. Just mentioning simple facts can be verboten these days. The Left would love us not to know that Hitler was one of them, for instance. Though their celebration of Jew-killing by Palestinians is a compelling reminder of what they are. Much of history, in fact, may not now be mentioned. Statues honouring heroes of the past are regularly torn down by angry Leftists. We are supposed to forget any bit of the past that the Left dislike.

It is foreseeable that generations will arise for whom much of the past will be a closed book. It is in fact already happening. What schoolkids learn today is very different from what I learned long ago. What I learned embodied a scale of values that would be disowned today but at least we got the facts, even if our view of them was one-sided

So I have done a complete turnaround in my attitude to books. Leftists can and do remove them from our public libraries but can they remove books from my personal library? They would undoubtedly like to try but I think it will be while before they go after personal book collections. And books are not easy to destroy. So I encourage anybody reading this to take opportunities of buying reference books from the past. Old encyclopedias could be particularly useful. You will be able to look up facts there unobstructed by Leftist censors

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