Aussie living in London reveals British things she thought were weird after making the move

She is absolutely right about British customer service.  When I would walk into a London shop for any reason,  all the staff would pretend I did not exist.  But I never tolerated that for more than a minute.  I would simply say in a loud voice "I hate being invisible".  That would be an electric shock to the staff concerned.  They would literally run to serve me. Why?  I had done that most abhorred British thing;  I had "made a scene".  I can be something of a stentor at times so that would have helped too

She mentions her shock of British customer service and that when she first arrived, she thought 'everyone was so rude'.

She said 'No one says hi to you when you first walk into a shop, people will literally just ignore you customer service wise.

'When I went and got my phone plan down, I sat down and was like "hey I want a phone plan' and they're like 'yep no worries".

'The girl turned around tapped in her computer for no joke 20 minutes, did not say a word to me and didn't even look at me.

'I was like is this normal? This is the most awkward thing I've ever done.'


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