NASA climate scientist: ‘Race justice & climate justice are one & the same: Oppressive extractive plutocracies that colonize & kill black bodies & colonize & kill our planet are one & the same’

A genuine nut.  The very sweeping linking of disparate phenomena is very similar to schizophrenic thought-disorder.  What he is talking about seems identifiable but only by way of an interpretive act on the part of the readrer.  What, for instance, are "oppressive extractive plutocracies"?  It is not a normal category of some subset of reality but, if anything, it probably means mining companies.  And it is true that mining does occasionally lead to deaths.

But how are mining companies "Killing" the planet?  They do not do that so once again we have to add our own meaning to make any sense of it.  His writing is just about as alien from normal scientific discourse as one could imagine. There are no defined entities.  All one can get from it is an impressions of diffuse anger

A NASA Jet Propulsion Lab climate scientist has linked race and climate issues during the racial protests sweeping the nation. NASA’s Peter Kalmus wrote:

“Here’s why race justice and climate justice are one & the same: The oppressive extractive plutocracies that colonize and kill black bodies and colonize and kill our planet are one and the same.”

Kalmus ( was responding to the protests and riots springing up across the country in the wake of allegations of racism in law enforcement. Kalmus added: “They’d literally rather have a race war than charge even one cop for murdering an innocent black man.”

Kalmus website describes himself as “a climate scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab. I use satellite data and models to study the rapidly changing Earth, focusing on boundary layer clouds and ecological forecasting.”

“My awareness of climate breakdown reached the point where I had no choice but to respond in some meaningful way,” Kalmus writes at his website. “Global warming is happening with a rapidity that leaves me speechless,” he explained. Kalmus’ claims he “uses about 1/10th the fossil fuels of the American average.” Kalmus is a member of the American Meteorological Society and the American Geophysical Union.

In his 2018 article, “Thoughts on Climate Action From a Scientist Who Gave Up Flying,” Kalmus wrote of how “tears poured down” when he thought about the calamity of man-made climate change.

“In order to embrace what’s coming next, I had to let go of what went before. My grief was like the leap of a trapeze artist, letting go of one trapeze, flying through space, and catching the next one. There were times when tears poured down. I mourned the world I’d known my whole life. I mourned my children’s future. I mourned how avoidable this all was. I mourned the strange and hard reality, and I mourned waking up. I mourned every blow struck in anger, and I mourned every bullet fired. I mourned all the species that are leaving us, never to return. I mourned this whole beautiful Earth. But then, through these tears, I accepted reality as it is. Somehow, on the far side of the tears, I found the strength to go forward.”

Kalmus envisioned a climate-friendly world where “there is no war, no crime, hatred, or negativity.” [Yeah, right!]


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