Lord Baden-Powell statue to be torn down over Hitler ties

A statue of Lord Baden-Powell, founder of the Scouting movement, is being removed by a local council because it was threatened by people who criticised his “homophobia, racism and enthusiastic support of Hitler”.

The statue was installed in 2008 and faces Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour, where the decorated military leader held an experimental camp in 1907 that led to the formation of the Scouting movement the following year.

Topple the Racists, a website published by the Stop Trump Coalition in support of the Black Lives Matter protests, lists the Baden-Powell monument among more than 70 statues across Britain, which they claim pay tribute to slave traders and “racists”. The website says the Scouts founder, who was born in 1857, “committed atrocities against the Zulus"

Baden-Powell was an officer in the British army during the successful British war against the Zulus but he was no racist. He romanticised the Zulus' discipline, and courage, and adapted many of their cultural institutions to scouting. "The Scouts' War Dance" was his adaptation of a Zulu chant

His "links" with Hitler arose because there were some similarities between the Scout movement and the Hitler youth movement. Baden-Powell was invited to meet Hitler after holding friendly talks about forming closer ties with the Hitler Youth movement.

Something not usually remarked about BP is that he was clearly a closet homosexual.  He spent most of his time with men, did not marry until late in life and it was clearly agony for him to sleep with his wife. He spent most of his married life sleeping away from his wife

So as a homosexual suffering from oppression of his sexuality, he should in fact be something of a hero to the Left


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