Who stole the "stolen generation"?

There was in fact no such thing, just social workers doing a job that they are now too afraid to do. Rather than taking black kids away from abusive families, they now just let the black kids die: Another malign effect of Leftist lies

But there WAS authoritarian treatment of blacks in earlier times. And who was it doing that? The following is a brief excerpt from a biography of Ned Hanlon, a LABOR party Premier of Qld. and still a revered figure in the ALP. Labor Premier Peter Beattie named a hospital after him a few years back

How odd that the left yammer on about the stolen generation but glide over REAL discrimination against Aborigines

As the minister largely responsible for the development and implementation of the A.L.P.'s welfare policies, Hanlon held assumptions and attitudes that had important consequences for the character of Queensland society. Under his administration Aborigines continued to be subjected to 'enforced population transfers, confinement to particular areas under relatively arbitrary and quite authoritarian regimes, excessive moral scrutiny, interference in intimate human relationships, supervised breeding, imposed placement and calculatedly inferior educational training for their children, control over their labour conditions, wages and personal property, and even suppression of their ''injurious" or menacing ''customs" or practices'. In these ways, Aborigines who, in their 'natural' state—according to Hanlon—were 'about 1,000,000 years behind the white race', were 'protected' by the state.

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  1. Hi. Searching for articles on the Stolen Generation, I came across your site. I want to make note of a misunderstanding in your "Primer in American politics.

    The Democratic Party has drifted not leftward, but rightward, in the last decade or so and now occupies a decidedly centrist position on many issues. The Republicans have moved to the right, with a far-right coalition holding more and more sway over their platform. This may give the appearance that the opposing party has become more liberal, but all evidence points to a dearth of truly progressive voices, or actions, in the current Democratic Party.

    Also, I would not portray the Democrats as obsessed with race, but as the Right has set itself up in many ways as anti-immigrant and occasionally anti-diversity in general, people of color have certainly found a much more welcoming home with the Democrats and thus their concerns have come up as a priority for this party.


    -Adam S.-
    of Chicago, now working in South Wales, UK.

    (I am logging in as Anonymous to save time here.)


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