47 Alleged Paedophiles, All Muslim Men, in Liverpool Crown Court

Strangely, these alleged paedophiles were shipped in from other parts of the country. The real reason for this is unclear but it is rather bizarre, considering some of the offences were committed as far afield as Rochdale, Burnley and Bolton.

This is the first time in British history that forty seven (47) alleged paedophiles have been in court together. This is THE biggest news story in Britain since the Yorkshire Ripper. And yet, for months the news and front pages have been dominated by a ridiculous argument about what names two overpaid footballers allegedly said to each other on a football pitch.

But, the REAL NEWS that innocent little children are being repeatedly raped by gangs of evil paedophiles, especially in the North of England, goes unreported.

So why hasn’t it been front page news for twelve months? Where are all the investigative journalists?

The answer to this conundrum is that ALL of the defendants (the accused) are Muslim males, and ALL of the victims were little white girls, under the age of sixteen, and very often as young as 10, 11, 12 and 13 years of age.

Do you think the media would have kept this quiet, if these 47 alleged paedophiles had been white? Of course not.

The media was there yesterday, and their mantra was “It wouldn’t be right to report on this yet, as nobody has been convicted. These 47 Muslims are only alleged to be guilty.” My answer to this was “Neither has John Terry been convicted of any charge, but you people have hung drawn and quartered him already and forced him out of his job. Why treat Muslims or other foreigners better than English people?”

If the establishment let this particular cat out of the bag, their lies about a so-called “multi-cultural dream” would be well and truly dead. The questions that need to be asked are;

Q: How would I feel if MY daughter had been molested, drugged and raped by paedophiles?

Q: How would I feel if MY grand-daughter had been repeatedly raped by gangs of men?

Q: How would I feel if my niece had been coerced, threatened and blackmailed into sex acts with adults?

Your child may have had her life destroyed by these evil perverts; she may be hooked on drugs; she may be so traumatised that she has gone from being a happy-go-lucky innocent child, into a cowed, drugged, defiled and terrified young woman. Worse still, your child may have gone to an early grave, as 14 year old Charlene Downes did. Your whole family may spend the rest of their lives traumatised by these shocking experiences. How would YOU feel about this?

I have no doubt that the media will say that those of us that were there to draw attention to this case, are ‘extremists’ and ‘trouble makers’. But, the truth is getting out and soon every British person will be aware of what is happening to our children.

We understand that not all Muslims are paedophiles and we realise that this type of behaviour is present in all races and religions but what concerns us is that the men on trial in the Crown Court are following the example of their prophet Mohammed.

The Koran teaches that the Infidels (us) are not worthy of respect and that we must be conquered at all costs. Unfortunately for some of our children this cost is the suffering they experience at the hands of gang rapists who believe that it is totally acceptable to groom, drug and rape at will.


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