British TV channel forced to apologise after reporter calls black sportsmen 'coloured'

America's NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) must be REALLY offensive!
ITV were forced to apologise today after a reporter covering a Downing Street football racism summit twice referred to black players as 'coloured'.

Following the ITV broadcast, dozens of viewers objected to the uses of the term 'coloured' on Twitter.

An ITV spokeswoman said they were sorry and the recording should never have gone out.

Using the term 'coloured' to refer to black people is considered offensive because it dismisses everyone who is not white as the same. The term was in widespread use in Britain in the 1960s but is now considered racist. The problem is it suggests white people are white and everyone else is 'coloured'. There is no recognition that everyone has their own ethnic origin. [So what race you are is important?? I thought that was "racism"!]


Some very confused thinking above. Africans must not be confused with Indians? I agree with that but would normally be accused of racial discrimination for saying so. Yet above such distinctions seem to be demanded and regarded as important. But logic doesn't seem to work on political correctness. It's all just an emotional kneejerk.

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