Mother whom arrogant Scottish social workers branded 'too dumb' to have children gives birth to second baby

Eugenics is supposed to have died with Hitler but not in Scotland apparently. But Hitler was a socialist and Scots in Scotland are instinctive socialists so I guess it figures

Two years ago she was written off by social workers as 'too dumb' to marry, let alone become a mother. But last night Kerry McDougall - who fled the UK to stop social workers taking her first son into care - was celebrating the birth of her second child in Waterford, Ireland.

The 19-year-old, along with husband Mark, 28, son Ben and new baby boy Lochlan are now looking forward to a family Christmas together.

Mrs McDougall, who has mild learning difficulties, said: 'Having another baby is a dream come true. Lochlan is beautiful and Ben adores him. 'We both feel so lucky to have two gorgeous little boys.'

The birth of Lochlan marks the end of a two-year battle to stay together as a family. Mrs McDougall was a baby when her parents handed her over to her grandmother and her care was overseen by social services. When she met Mark, she moved in with him and when she became pregnant they decided to marry.

But their nightmare began when in an unprecedented step social workers in their home town of Dunfermline, Fife, dramatically halted their church wedding - claiming she was not intelligent enough to understand the vows.

Mr McDougall, an artist, said: 'Everything was booked - the dress, the reception, food and flowers but we had to cancel the lot and call off all the guests. It was devastating.' Worse was to come when social workers said they believed Kerry wasn't bright enough to be a mother and warned their baby could be taken into care at birth.

In the middle of the night, the couple fled to southern Ireland, where they hoped social workers would be more sympathetic to their plight. They were put up by friends and in January 2010, she gave birth to 7lb 3oz Ben. But Irish authorities had discovered through her medical records that social workers had concerns over Kerry.

Three days after Ben was born and she was breastfeeding him on the maternity ward, social services confronted them - and took Ben into foster care. After a nine-month investigation the couple - who were allowed to visit Ben in foster care - finally brought him home for good.

They then married after discovering the legal wedding ban did not apply in Ireland. Some of the 30 guests were officials involved in their case.

On Mother's Day this year, Mrs McDougall discovered she was pregnant again and 5lb 3oz Lochlan was born four weeks ago. Mark said: 'Our family are still in the UK and although they visit regularly, we do miss just being able to pop in to see them.

'As far as we are aware, the situation hasn't changed with them and if we went back, ultimately the risk remains that both our sons could be taken into care.'

His wife added: 'With a lively toddler - who talks constantly - and a new baby, life is busy. But I love being a mum and couldn't be happier.'


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