Mockery of Christianity cut for once

ITV is a British commercial network. They obviously have some respect for their viewers -- something not to be expected from the BBC. No-one in TV would think of mocking Islam, of course, though the potential for mocking an insane pedophile is great
Australian comedian Tim Minchin has become embroiled in a Christmas controversy in the UK with a song that compares Jesus to Woody Allen. The UK-born but Perth-raised comic penned what he described as a "silly, harmless, and quite cute" tune, in which he compared Jesus to the Jewish actor and director.

The Jonathan Ross Show, which was recorded on Tuesday was due to be aired tonight (UK time). However, the song has now been cut from the show after it was sent to the ITV network's director of television Peter Fincham.

The decision has evoked a spirited reaction from the comic who has claimed ITV bosses are pandering to Christians who are "afraid of anything that challenges their beliefs".

At the start of the song, Minchin sings: "Jesus was a Jewish philosopher, had a lot of nice ideas, about our existential fears, much admired by his peers. "Short and Jewish and quite political, often hesitant and very analytical. Praise be to Jesus, praise be to Woody Allen Jesus."

Another example of lyrics from the song go: "Jesus died but then came back to life, or so the holy Bible said, kinda like in Dawn of the Dead, like a film by Simon Pegg, try that these days you'd be in trouble, geeks would try to smack you with a shovel."

Before going into the chorus: "Praise be to Jesus, praise be to magic, Woody Allen, Zombie, Jesus."


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