Censorship push defeated in Australia

At great expense, the Leftist Australian government is building a nationwide fibre optic broadband network which nobody seems to want -- as we have a couple of quite good cable networks already. And with fast wireless broadband already starting its rollout, the fibre network will be obsolete even before it is built. Wireless access is what users are moving toward. It's more convenient not to be tied to a fixed point when you want to go on the net.

So to protect its white elephant the government wanted to restrict advertising of wireless services. Thankfully, that was seen as going too far.
NBN Co has been forced to back down on its plans to restrain Telstra from promoting its wireless internet services as a substitute for the $36 billion fibre network for two decades after pressure from the competition watchdog.

The Weekend Australian can reveal that the $11bn deal between Telstra, the government and NBN Co for Telstra to decommission its copper network and shift its customers to the new service will be revised following concerns by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission that the curbs on Telstra's marketing of its wireless services could hinder competition for wireless voice and broadband services.


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