Hate speech banner?

The article excerpted below was headed with the accusation that the banner illustrated above is "hate speech", even though the banner said nothing about homosexuals at all. Apparently you are not allowed just to warn people about homosexual behavior; you have to hate homosexuals.

I certainly don't hate homosexuals. They're not important enough to me for that. Perhaps it makes them feel better to think that people hate them -- when in actuality, most people just find them disgusting and prefer to limit contact with them.

When they have a Mardi Gras parade or other celebration homosexuals often behave in a very "flamboyant" way that some find obnoxious and that parents might not want their children to see. So it is perfectly reasonable for the Florida Family Association to warn others of probable ostentatious homosexuality, without the Association members needing to "hate" homosexuals at the same time.

Homosexuals would get a lot more of the acceptance that they apparently crave if they did not go out of their way to offend normal people and seek to silence criticism of themselves
At Gay Days in Orlando a plane flew a message over the Disney World theme park region with a ‘warning’ from the Florida Family Association.

The message flown over on Friday and Saturday, which was paid for and funded by donations, read “Warning Gay Day at Disney...” and the date.

Yes, this is what the organization would want us to think - that their message was a warning meant to direct parents out of the park. Is this another example of anti-gay, zealout pro-creationists trying to eliminate the LGBTIQ community from being able to use public-geared facilities?

The group claims it does not like Disney's allowance of the gay community using the park during normal operating hours


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