All criticism of Obama is racist

And you CERTAINLY must not call him a crook
"A host on the Fox Business network—criticized last month for suggesting President Obama was "chugging 40's" during his trip to Europe—is facing allegations of racism after referring to the White House as the "Hizzouse," "Hizzy" and "The Big Crib," and guests of the administration as "hoods."

Eric Bolling, who hosts Fox Business' "Follow the Money," criticized Obama for inviting Gabon's president Ali Bongo at the White House this week, a month after the Fox News-fueled controversy over Common's invitation to perform at First Lady Michelle Obama's poetry event.

"So what's with all the hoods in the Hizzy?" Bolling asked on his show on Friday. "A month after the White House hosted the rapper Common, who glorifies violence on cops, the president opened his doors to one of Africa's most evil dictators."

"The Bongo family has extorted billions in oil money from his nation … meanwhile 1/3 of Gabon lives on $2 per day," Bolling wrote on Twitter. "And I'm a racist!"


I gather that "chugging 40s" refers to drinking strong liquor -- as in "40 proof". How is that a racist accusation? Or are the Left saying that only blacks drink spirits? I must be a black at that rate.


  1. The term "40's" refers to a 40 fluid ounce bottle generally of malt liquor or beer. Mainly consumed be ghetto punks and drunks in urban(black) areas.

  2. I was just about to say the same thing...


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