Israelis must not speak the truth?

We read:
"The Israeli prime minister's 19-year-old son posted disparaging and obscene comments about Arabs and Muslims on his Facebook page, an Israeli paper reported today.

Earlier this year, Yair Netanyahu posted that Muslims 'celebrate hate and death,' the Haaretz daily reported.

After Palestinian assailants entered a West Bank settlement and stabbed five members of an Israeli family to death, he wrote that 'terror has a religion and it is Islam.'

Yair Netanyahu, the eldest of the prime minister's two sons, is currently a soldier in the Israeli military's media liaison unit.

But a lawyer for the Netanyahu family, David Shimron, defended teh soldier, insisting in a statement that the comments were those of a 'teenager' and were 'taken out of context in an attempt to defame the prime minister and his family.'

In another comment, he wrote that there had never been a Palestinian state and that he hoped 'there would never be one.'


I am sure I would feel similarly in his situation


  1. Wow, "teenagers" in Israel can actually look around them and put two and two together. If only we could do that over here.

  2. It's more than just Muslims it's all turd worlders, the muslims are willing to satiate their blood lust with large scale carnage and the other turd worlders prefer killing in smaller numbers in less direct attacks.
    After the attacks of 9/11 mexican'ts celebrated in the streets of mexico city the murders of over 3.000 people on US soil that were just going about the mundane tasks of living.Since the attacks of 9/11 illegal aliens from mexico have murdered more people on US soil than the muslim illegal aliens did on 9/11.

    Michael Gene


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