The Religion of Ultimate Domination

Constantly, Christians (and westerners in general) are berated by non-westerners for being "crusaders". That is, being aggressively imperialists, out to dominate the entire world.

Funny, I don't recall too many Christian or Jewish organizations creating a map which precisely details the current progress of their crusade, or the projected conquests which we can all look forward to in 100 years time.

But Islam does, thanks to the Muttahida Jihad Council.

What's that? They're just terrorists, you say? They're not representative of Islam? Then why is one of their constituent member groups (Lashkar-e-Taiba) being defended by an official with an Australian Muslim Public Affairs Committee?
Unlike other groups, LeT is characterised by its focus entirely on military targets in the Jammu-Kashmir region. LeT have never attacked Western interests nor expressed any animosity towards Australia. In 2000, the LeT leader, Professor Hafiz Muhammad Sayyid, told reporters from the American ABC network, that LeT has “no interest in fighting American since America is not fighting the Muslims and this is the ruling of the Koran”. He went on to say that “Lashkar-e-Taiba is engaged in fighting against the occupying Indian army in Jammu and Kashmir” and is fighting for the “rights of all oppressed human beings: Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist, even Hindu”.

It is possible that some members of LeT have had contact with al-Qaeda, although in the same ABC interview, Professor Sayyid went to lengths to explain that LeT has no organization affiliation or tie with Usama Bin Laden and that “our organization is not involved, nor has it even been involved, in any activities in America or East Africa.” He went on to repudiate the methodology of al-Qaeda, saying, “We condemn all acts of violence against civilians and those who commit such acts, whether Muslim or non-Muslim. Islam does not allow the killing of peaceful, innocent, unarmed civilians”.

There is a clear ideological distinction between LeT and al-Qaeda. LeT, for example, have demonstrated a willingness to speak out against Muslim terrorism and extremist behaviour. On Christmas Eve, 2000, LeT issued a communiqué to their followers and supporters explicitly condemning the attacks on Indonesia’s Christian minority that were taking place at the time. Abu Umar, the group’s Director of Foreign Affairs, wrote, “These bombings are a horrific and inhuman assault on innocent civilians who gathered solely for the sake of worship”. Rebuking those who carried out the attacks, he wrote, “the goal of the criminals who carried out these attacks was to tarnish the religion of Islam and cause the further deterioration of relations between Muslims and Christians. Whoever they are, the bombers are doing the work of the enemies of Islam”.
This funny fellow would like us to believe that the same organization that prints a map showing a world conquered by Islam has no interest in attacking the west, and its secular, democratic traditions.

Perhaps they imagine we will just join them out of love for their peaceful, tolerant ways.

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