Play Both Sides - Just Like a Socialist

Manitoba's NDP regime has decided it will join British Columbia in a legal brouhaha against Big Tobacco in an attempt to recover what could prove to be billions of dollars. Manitoba Healthy Living Minister Theresa Oswald (yes we actually have a Healthy Living Minister) had this to say,
We're going to go for it. Cigarettes are one product that if used exactly as directed cause death. We think it's time for Big Tobacco to step up and start paying for these things that are ultimately their responsibility.

Excuse me, their responsibility? It's their fault that a bunch of people smoked their brains out and some of them became ill?

Let's take this idiotic socialist thinking to the next level. Let's hold McDonald's liable for the dummies who eat there 7 days a week and eventually drop from massive coronaries. Let's hold the breweries accountable for those bozos who insist on drinking and driving. What about blaming candy makers for expensive dental work? Let's just eliminate all sense of personal responsibility altogether and blame someone else for our woes. The BC suit charges,
...tobacco companies: failed to warn consumers of the dangers of smoking; targeted children in their advertising and marketing; conspired to suppress research on the risks of smoking; are responsible for health care costs associated with smoking.

Anyone who claims to have not known smoking was dangerous is either a liar or a bloody idiot. This is compounded by the fact that cigarettes are legal products. How much more hypocritical can government get then by suing the manufacturers of a product that is not only legally sold throughout the land but one that they control?

If Big Government wants to sue Big Tobacco in order to recover some of its health care costs then perhaps BG should refund to BT the tax revenues it has generated over the years through the sale of tobacco. On the one hand government not only allows the sale and use of tobacco but enjoys huge tax windfalls in the process while on the other hand seeks to recover health care costs. Playing both sides of the field seems to be something socialists are good at.

And why stop at manufacturers? Why not go after retailers? How can you hold the manufacturer of a particular product accountable while allowing everybody else and his dog to sell it? In other words, who cares that Peter is selling this stuff, let's crucify Paul for making it. I'm not suggesting for one minute that Big Brother go after store owners, I'm merely demonstrating how hypocritical they are about this whole thing.

Such are the problems of a socialist government in charge of a public health care system. Where did I put that broom?

Files from: CTV, CBC, Metro

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