The Church of Spite

We’ve probably all been watching the Uniting Church of Australia vanishing up its now openly secular backside for quite some time now, as its parishioners have deserted it in their droves. But this latest little piece frankly convinces me it’s time they got on with it. It's time they dropped the pretence and their cassocks, and jumped right on into the revolutionary red.

Church refuses veteran's final wish

A CHURCH minister who protested against the Iraqi war has sparked outrage by banning the Australian flag from a war veteran's funeral.

Yes – you read it right. This little swine has decided that the Australian flag is a problem - stuff the last wish of one his 'flock'.
The Rev Wes Campbell, of St John's Uniting Church in Essendon, is standing by his decision to refuse the service at his church.

"I believe the rituals of the church belong within the church building and the RSL service (should be) another event," Dr Campbell said.
Oh sure, Wes, but that’s not why you’re doing it. This has nothing to do with religion or ritual (arguably, neither does the Uniting Church, but that’s another matter). It's got nothing to do with anything but you. I think you’re doing it because you’re a deeply selfish man, riddled with venom and bile, and all that for the country in which you have chosen to live. The country that supports and protects you. You're doing it so you can register a little protest over our involvement in helping to free Iraq - so you can take an impotent little swipe, over the coffin of a dead man, at this nation's government.

You're putting yourself and your political beliefs before all else:
Dr Campbell, a former social justice spokesman for the Uniting Church of Victoria and Tasmania, is a member of a small group known as Christians For Peace.

He was heavily involved in a series of daily People For Peace vigils outside St Paul's Cathedral in early 2003 denouncing the Iraqi war.
And this has got precisely what to do with an 81 year old World War II veteran? A man who fought to defend this country at a time, some sixty years ago, when it was fighting for its life? A time when it was fighting to defend the very Christian values you are now pretending to uphold by taking this particularly vile little stand.

"I've come to a judgment that fundamentally the gospel calls us to be people of peace and that the church is always to seek reconciliation where possible between enemies," he said yesterday.
Oh have you, indeed? Well, I’ve come to a judgment too, Wes. You're a disgrace.
Dr Campbell said the flag was a powerful symbol of the nation, but it did not belong in a church ceremony.
Flag draped coffins are a common event, Wes, as you well know. Just not this time. Because this bile-soaked agitprop agent has decided that the Nation’s flag is far too ‘divisive’, and he wants to make his little statement. And this is his big chance.

Dr Campbell said he was sad his decision caused pain to the family.
No you’re not. I don't believe for one instant that you give a damn about this family or this man. You're far too busy posturing for all that nonsense. The fact is, I think you’re lapping it up. You think it’s great. You’ve been able to make a stand, haven’t you, Wes - by denying the dying wish of an 81 year old man and insulting the flag of your nation.
Uniting Church of Victoria and Tasmania moderator the Rev Susan Gormann saidshe had a great respect for Dr Campbell.

"He only made this decision out of full integrity for his understanding of what it is to be a Christian minister, and I believe I can comfortably sit with that as moderator of this church," she said.
This is one of the more pathetic, cowardly and openly spiteful things I have seen in quite a while. That said, the Uniting Church is dying. And it’s not too hard to see why. For me, the sooner this secular body is delivered its Last Rites, the better.

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