Agents and Dogs

I suspect old Abu Musab might be sweating a little right about now. What, with this morning’s terrific news from Lebanon, it very much looks like the entire region is becoming a target rich environment for our boy.

What it also means, of course, is that he’ll be running out of rat nests in which to hide (then again, there’s always Syria).

Terror leader urges new attacks

A HIGH-ranking terror figure in Iraq urged Islamist militants to press on with their jihad or holy war in an internet statement today.
I bet he did. But did he use the magic word?
The comments were attributed to Abu Abdurrahman al-Iraqi, identified as the "deputy" of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, al-Qaeda's frontman in Iraq. "We call on every mujahed (fighter) to carry on his jihad and not bow," said the statement. "We will kill the Jews, the crusaders and their agents and dogs."
Their real problem now, though, is with that pesky ‘agents and dogs’ category. It looks like it might well start getting a little large for their liking.

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