Australia: Two "Teals" have just self-destructed

"Teals" are allegedly middle-of-the-roaders, Green but not too Green. Similar to Britain's Liberal party. Two of them have however shown themselves as extremists. They are so far out of line with the country that they will go down in a heap next election.

Scamps was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and has qualified as a doctor. Tink is a PR guru and has been prominent in leading charity organizations

Goldstein MP Zoe Daniel has added her voice to growing condemnation of teal MPs Kylea Tink and Sophie Scamps, saying she disagrees “emphatically” with her teal parliamentary colleague’s support of the Greens.

Ms Daniel suggested the Greens amendment to Labor's motion on Israel – which sought to accuse the Jewish homeland of war crimes – inappropriately sought to remove support for Israel's right to self-defence.
“I disagree emphatically with those who supported the amendment,” Ms Daniel told The Australian. “I was elected by the Goldstein community to represent their interests and in doing so I unreservedly voted for the bipartisan resolution and spoke in its favour unconditionally.

“Among other things, the effect of the amendment would have been to remove support for Israel’s right to self defence.

“As I said in the chamber yesterday Israel has a right to self defence in line with the rules of war, which would include protection of civilians in Gaza, reiterating what I have said publicly, repeatedly and emphatically.”


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