Leftist hate on display again

With typical Leftist obtuseness, they see no contradiction in calling No campaigners racist when they are the ones who are advocating a racially discriminatory policy

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Pro-Voice supporters hurled vile abuse at No voters as clashes broke out at an anti-Voice rally last night.

Hundreds of angry Yes voters descended on the Royal International Convention Centre in Brisbane on Wednesday night for an event featuring outspoken Indigenous No campaigners Jacinta Nampijinpa Price and Warren Mundine.

Guests were ushered toward a back entrance, away from the angry mob outside. But their chants were unmistakable even with a glass wall separating them.

'Jacinta Price, you picked a side: genocide,' the protesters chanted. 'Jacinta Price, go to hell. Take your racist s**t as well,' they said next.

As the event concluded, Yes protesters crowded the exits of the venue and began verbally abusing attendees as they tried to leave.

When demonstrators began migrating to the car park the leader of the group took the megaphone and shouted that Senator Price was 'one of the most vile racists in the country'.

The comments enraged No voters who had just spent their night hearing Ms Price give a rousing speech about her concerns with an Indigenous Voice to Parliament. 'She's a hero,' one person shouted back.

Within the confines of the venue, Senator Price was treated like a rockstar. No voters were chanting her name, crowding the stage hoping to get a photo or have a private word with the Country Liberal Senator from Alice Springs.

But outside tensions boiled over as guests from the No rally held their own signs and proudly pointed to the merchandise they were wearing - primarily hats and shirts - to antagonise the protesters in return.

Over the next 30 minutes, the two groups traded barbs as police tried to keep the situation from escalating.

Attendees - including journalists and photographers - were branded 'racist scumbags', 'scummy dogs' and 'racist dogs' by protesters, who questioned 'how they can sleep at night' after attending rallies in favor of the No campaign.

One No voter who threw himself in the path of the protesters appeared to be punched in the face, as police lined the streets in an attempt to keep the two rowdy groups separated.

The aggressive display is just the latest example of the divide among Australians as the debate over the Voice referendum heats up.

Just two weeks ago No voters leaving a similar event in Adelaide were called 'racist dogs', 'pigs' and 'crazy w***ers'.


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