An introspection

I am not much prone to introspection. I sail through life in near-total self-confidence. But sometimes I do reflect.

Recently on this blog I wrote something about the Reichstag zu Worms, an event that took place in 1521. Even as I wrote it, I wondered what the heck I was doing in referring to the Reichstag zu Worms. How many people would be interested in ANYTHING that happened in 1521? The Reichstag zu Worms happens to be a major inflection point in the development of Western civilization but something like 99.999% of the WORLD'S population would be more interested in what they had for breakfast.

So am I being autistic in mentioning the Reichstag zu Worms? I suspect that I am. I think that I would use my energies to more effect by alluding to my personal life in what I write, I already do that to some extent but I think I should do more of it

In aid of that I have just put up a small story on my personal blog -- but I suspect that my autistic tendencies appear there too -- JR


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