What’s fueling America’s political rage?

Kevin Drum has an article in "Mother Jones" trying to explain the furious political polarization that has evolved in America today. It is too long to reproduce so I will comment on it only.

One expects simplistic thought from Leftists and Drum gives us a prime example of that.  He makes a case that is well-argued and worth reading but his conclusion is in the end risible:  He blames it all on Fox News! 

He is undoubtedly right in identifying the importance of Fox News but to blame a vast demographic change on on one media outlet is risible.  

A demographic change needs a demographic explanation.  And if I can risk being ass simplistic as Drum, my explanation is:  Hispanics.  

America's two major minorities are very responsive to the brainless arguments of Leftists and one of those minorities has steadily become much larger than it was.  The size of the Hispanic population has reached a tipping point where it has a big effect on election outcomes.

And because Hispanics have until very recently been thoroughly "rusted on" to the Democratic party, that has enabled the Left to take less care to farm other population segments.  To put it blunltly, the white vote matters less to the American Left these days.  

Some whites will always vote Left can takes a fair slice of the white vote for granted. If their policies are unpalatable to other whites, the Left don't need to care about that.  They have always got the minority votes to prop them up.  

So in the circumstances, the Left can be what Leftists all want to be:  Radical.  Communism is their ideal and they want to get as close to that as they can.  In the Soviet era they excused Soviet brutality by saying that the Soviets were just "reformers in a hurry" and to this day they excuse the Cuban regime.

So it is the Left who have changed, to the horror of many reasonable people who don't want their country to be turned on its ear.  The Left have by their policies and actions  generated in many normal people a great dislike of themselves  and that has made them return the compliment.  It infuriates them that the wonderful reforms that they have finally accomplished are not universally acclaimed.

A San Diego State University dean recently called conservative ideas a 'stench'. Since when has that been civilized discourse? How is that respect for others? There is no mistaking the furious hate that pervades the current American Left. They have abandoned restraints that once kept them civilized and reasonably moderate. People like that have got to be very hard to talk to

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