Queensland weather: Heatwave conditions as some towns reach 44C

This is a bit sensationalist.  The bulk of the Queensland population is in the S.E. -- where I live.  I watch my thermometer a lot and at no stage did it rise above 30C, a normal summer temperature

Temperatures in Queensland Outback towns are climbing toward the mid-40s and one town ‘feels like' nearly 50C with some places “on track” to break January records as a heatwave continues to develop across the state.

Longreach in Queensland’s north-west has already hit 43.6C after climbing above 40C by 10.20am, as the Bureau of Meteorology warns severe to extreme heatwave conditions have developed across central and northern Queensland.

Winton has climbed to 44.6C and Blackall is on 41.8C. Closer to the coast it is 39.1C in Innisfail.

Meanwhile, Lochington near Emerald had a scorching ‘feels like’ temperature of 49.8C at 2pm.

BOM meteorologist Helen Reid said the heatwave was “assisted” by ex-Tropical Cyclone Seth as record-breaking temperatures “picked up across quite a few locations”.

Ms Reid said the record heat could stretch across western Queensland as well as coastal regions.

“Over the last few days there have been big numbers recorded across western parts of the state such as Mount Isa and Longreach – an average of 44C,” she said.

“But what is noteworthy is by the time you get to the central coast, St Lawrence recorded 42.2C yesterday which is quite likely to be a record for the month.”

Mackay which is a bit further south picked up nearly 37C while Samuel Hill “which is normally known for its rainfall” recorded 37.9C.


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