Reaching global climate deal will be tough, Cop26 president says

The amusing thing about this article is the totally honest graphic wich accompanies it.  It is just a regular HADCRUT graph but it is frankly labelled and clearly calibrated.  The author relies of readers knowing nothing about graphs.  Its presentation is a really crude piece of deception

It does at first sight look alarming, with warming leaping up the page in the postwar era.  Then we notice two things:  It is calibrated in TENTHS of one degree Celsius and it does not show absolute temperature but rather the departure in temperature from an arbitrary point in time. 

Both things make a mickle into a muckle, to be Scottish about it.  In plain English, they make a really tiny effect into an apparently huge effect. Anyone who is used to working with graphs would be in danger of dying laughing at such a basic fraud.  

A graphic calibrated in simple degrees Celsius (normal scientific practice in this field) would  essentially show a flat horizontal line with NO alarming leap upwards.  The sheer propaganda of the global warming claim would be exposed for what it is

Securing a global climate deal in Glasgow will be “really tough”, Cop26 president Alok Sharma has warned. He said sealing any agreement to reduce emissions with be harder “on lots of levels” than signing the Paris Agreement of 2015.

Countries are under pressure to increase their greenhouse gas emission cuts as the world is far off track to meet globally agreed targets to limit temperature rises and curb dangerous warming.

The Cop26 summit, which starts in Glasgow on October 31, is the effective deadline for countries to bring forward more ambitious national climate plans in a five-year process under the Paris climate treaty.

Mr Sharma told The Guardian: “What we’re trying to do here in Glasgow is actually really tough.

“It was brilliant, what they did in Paris, it was a framework agreement, (but) a lot of the detailed rules were left for the future.

“It’s like we’ve got to the end of the exam paper and the most difficult questions are left and you’re running out of time, the exam’s over in half an hour and you go, ‘how are we going to answer this one?’”

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