London police chief Cressida Dick told to resign to restore women’s confidence in police

She was known to be incompetent long before she was parachuted into the top job.  She was in charge of the operation which led to an innocent Brazilian electrician being shot and killed on a tube train by London police

So why was she given such undeserved preference?  She is an open lesbian and that puts her into a protected class

Cressida Dick must resign to restore women’s confidence in the Metropolitan Police, senior politicians said on Thursday after details emerged of the failures that led to an officer falsely arresting a woman to kidnap and murder her.

The chair of parliament’s women and equalities committee, Tory MP Caroline Nokes, joined former Labour justice secretary Harriet Harman and a chorus of others in calling for the commissioner to step down over Sarah Everard’s killing.

The Met chief was forced to admit the crimes of Wayne Couzens had broken the bond of trust between the public and police.

“There are no words that can express the fury and overwhelming sadness that we all feel about what happened to Sarah,” she said outside the Old Bailey where Couzens was given a whole life-sentence. “I am so sorry.”

Couzens, who murdered Ms Everard after kidnapping her in south London under the guise of an arrest, had been known by police colleagues as “the rapist” because of his behaviour – and had already been questioned about an alleged sex offence shortly before he killed his victim.

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