More reactions to Trump

With Trump the next President, a lot of us conservatives are feeling more relaxed than we have been for a long time.  The tyranny we fought against is now on its last legs. I have certainly made changes in my lifestyle.  I am following the news less and spending more time on personal relationships.  And I am far from alone.  There have been very favorable reactions to Trump in many quarters.

Most important by far for world peace are the reactions to Trump from Russia and China.  After them, no-one else really matters.  The war-mongering Democrats had built up big tensions with Russia in the probable hope that they could have a nice little war with Russia somewhere -- probably in the Baltics -- that would end up with Russia being humiliated and glory won for themselves.

But nobody wants peace more than military men.  We die in wars. So we combine readiness to fight with a hope of peace.  And  America's servicemen certainly don't want to die for the glory of someone in Washington D.C. and for someone who despises them.

And The Donald has won for us the best hope yet of world peace -- something that every sane person wants.  We read that both Russia's Putin and China's President Xi have made strong overtures to Trump for continued peaceful relations, overtures which are consistent with what Trump himself has often advocated.

Trump for peace and prosperity!

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