New book: "The liberal's guide to conservatives" by J. Scott Wagner.  Summerborne Books.  Cotati CA. 2016

Once upon a time, when liberals wrote about the psychology of conservatives, they did so only to demonize conservatives.  More recently, however, the tendency has been to say that conservtives have a point but Leftists have a better point. Scott Wagner's book is in that camp. He does seem to be a nice guy and he has made some progress towards embracing reality.  He concedes, for instance, that Leftists can be authoritarian.  According to psychologists of the past, only conservatives could be authoritarian -- with Stalin and Mao ignored.

He has however still not thrown off a lot of Leftist baggage. He still thinks conservatives have something in common with Hitler, for instance, quite ignoring that the opposition to Hitler was led by a great Conservative, Winston Churchill.  More technically he is influenced in his conclusions  by such pieces of psychometric garbage as the SDO scale. So his castles are built on sand. Not worth reading. But Leftists will like it.

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