More Wikipedia arrogance -- and Anja Katharina Wigger

As if their political imbalance were not enough, they also seem to have some stuffed-shirt editors.  But let me begin at the beginning:

Frequent readers of this blog will have gathered along the way that I have a lifelong devotion to classical music.  And two thirds of the classical repertoire emanates from the German  lands, mostly Austria.  So the fact that I have some command of German comes in handy. Translations are never as good as the original -- and I have done many translations -- so where dialogue is featured I do have a useful advantage,

In recent times I have been taking a particular interest in Austro-Hungarian operetta.  It was very popular in English-speaking lands around a century ago and still has a substantial following in the German lands. And when I am looking for more information about the singers, I have found Wikipedia to be a generally useful resource.

One singer I particularly like, however, is Anja Katharina Wigger, a most feminine person.  So I was a little peeved that Wikipedia had no entry for her -- despite the fact that she has had a substantial career as a soprano in Germany.

So I resolved to put that right.  I found a site with substantial information about her in German and did an English summary of it.  I put the summary up as Wikipedia article.  But some Wikipedia "editor" named "Jimfbleak", who seems to spend most of his day  deleting Wikipedia contributions, deleted my entry. So there is no Wikipedia entry about Wigger now and no reference-style information about her available to the many people who speak only English.  Quite stupid, I think. The information I  provided would have been helpful to fans of the lady who wished to locate recordings of further performances by her.

I am in a position to make a number of useful contributions to Wikipedia but I will not waste my time doing so whiie the pompopus and hypercritical "Jimfbleak" is around.

Anyway, in the days of the internet nobody has a monopoly on information so I am putting my "Wikipedia" entry up below.  Let anybody interested judge whether it is a good basic reference entry for a singer or not:

Anja-Katharina Wigger - Soprano

Born in Hamburg, Wigger first came to widespread attention for her role as Ottilie in the 2008 Moerbisch performance of  "Im Weißen Rössl", with notable performances of  "Die ganze Welt ist himmelblau"  and "Mein Liebeslied muss ein Walzer sein".  She portrayed there an ultra-feminine lady.

She did her initial singing studies in Hamburg but later moved to Munich to study under KS Ingeborg Hallstein.

Some other roles she has played include  Konstanze in Die Entführung aus dem Serail, Königin der Nacht in "Die Zauberflöte", Micaela in "Carmen", Baronin Freimann inDer Wildschütz", Rosalinde in "Die Fledermaus", Sylva Varescu in "Die Csárdásfürstin", Hanna Glawariin "Die lustige Witwe", Laura in"Der Bettelstudent", Evelyne Valera in "Maske in Blau", Julia in "Vetter aus Dingsda",  Regine in "Hochzeitsnacht im Paradies" und die Kurfürstin Marie in "Der Vogelhändler".

She has had other stage appearances at: Mainfranken Theater Würzburg,   Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern,  Theater Görlitz,  Stadttheater Passau,  Operetten-Theater Hannover,  Kornmarkttheater Bregenz,   Schlossgartenfestspiele Neustrelitz and  Freilichtspiele Tecklenburg and Prager Staatsoper.

She is also an active concert singer.


A video excerpt of her here.  Watch and I suspect that you will agree that she is gorgeous.


  1. Wikipedia is a difficult place. Report Jim to an administrator and ask why it was deleted. Wikipedia does attract a lot of assholes. I wish people would use their real names and where they live and probably that will cut down on the assholish attitudes.

    An operrata singer should merit an entry. But that purpose of Jim is to harass those not politically correct. Only the Politically Correct need apply at Wikipedia. If you're not, then you are harrassed until you are driven off of it. It is a Marxist Website for Marxist entries only.

  2. I searched for her name and I can't find it anywhere on Wikipedia. Articles are supposed to go thru a deletion process. How long ago did you write the article and did you monitor it daily and watch for a deletion notice? And when was it deleted?

  3. I suspect the problem may be her name . (White N-word )


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