A new Index expurgatorius?

The Catholic church relied for centuries on an  Index expurgatorius -- a list of books and writings that faithful Catholics were not allowed to read.  The index protected them from "error" that might risk their immortal souls.  It seems to have died of shame some time in the '60s

But will it be revived? Far-Left Catholic Michael Milillo (He favours the communistic Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont) is doing his best to revive it.  Maybe old habits die hard.

He has written as follows to the Bishop of of Birmingham in Alabama.  His greeting is strange enough to suggest that he is actually not much of a Catholic.  Even I address bishops as "Your Grace" on the rare occasions that I write to them.  If he IS a real Catholic he has no manners

Dear Bishop Baker:

The Diocese of Birmingham should immediately sever all connections with, support for, and ties to The EWTN Global Catholic Network [5817 Old Leeds Road, Irondale, AL 35210] that is located within the Diocese of Birmingham.  My reason for insisting that the Diocese of Birmingham take such a harsh stance against EWTN is due to the controversial "Climate Change Debate" hosted by EWTN's The World Over with Raymond Arroyo on May 15, 2015 [1].  This "Climate Change Debate" was to both discredit the Papacy of Pope Francis as well as used EWTN to deny that Global Warming is genuine and factually based on scientific evidence.

This EWTN "Climate Change Debate" was between Marc Morano and Carol L. Andress.  Morano is connected with the Heartland Institute, a libertarian organization that worships Mammon.  He has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from George Mason University.  Andress is the Director of Legislative Operations for the Environmental Defense Fund, an environmental organization.  She has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Duke University.  Neither one of these debaters are scientists capable of discussing the scientific evidence of Global Warming.  Due to their own lack of credentials in the science of Global Warming, all the debaters could do was present the findings by the scientists who are actually engaged in the science of Global Warming.

Jim Lakely -- also with the Heartland Institute -- reported that Morano embarrassed [beat] Andress in this "Climate Change Debate" [2].  Lakely wrote in this blog that "EWTN, America’s leading cable network for Catholics broadcast to 148 millions homes around the world, hosted a debate Thursday night about Pope Francis' plan to insert himself into the center of the global climate debate on 'The World Over with Raymond Arroyo.'"  On the Morano's webpage -- "Climate Depot : A project of CFACT", Morano wrote that he "'kicked warmist [Andress] butt on EWTN -- now warmists want him banned. [3]"  The warmists that Morano is referring to is "Faithful America" [4].  Morano also wrote on his web site that "'Eternal Word Television Network (ETWN) just invited notorious climate denier Marc Morano to 'debate' whether climate change is real. Worse yet, during the program, ETWN’s own host [Raymond Arroyo] denied man-made climate change and attacked the Pope for meeting with top scientists. Tell the world's largest religious media outlet, the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN): Stop broadcasting climate denial.'"

What was implied by EWTN in this "Climate Change Debate" was that Andress was the surrogate for Pope Francis.  This "Climate Change Debate" was an attempt by EWTN to either discredit or undermine the Papacy of Pope Francis.  To the best of my knowledge, EWTN never held such a debate on the merits of either abortion or homosexuality during the Papacies of both Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI.  EWTN never invited Michael Sherrard of Faithful America to debate any of the issues that were supported by Pope John Paul II.  So why did EWTN do so now with Global Warming before Pope Francis issues his Encyclical on The Environment?  This affront toward Pope Francis by EWTN is totally unwarranted.  To understand why EWTN disrespected Pope Francis, one must examine who is pulling the strings of the deniers of Global Warming and also who maybe giving monetary contributions to EWTN.

To this end, the Idiom that "don't bite the hand that feeds you" is applicable to The Heartland Institute [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] .  The question is does EWTN obtain its donations from the same entities as The Heartland Institute?  With the frequent appearances of persons that are associated with The Heartland Institute appearing as expert guests on EWTN, it will appear that EWTN does.  As Pope Francis has stated that "protecting the Earth is a requirement of Christianity" [16], EWTN as a Catholic organization should be supporting Pope Francis rather than being a cheerleader of those who disagree with the Pontiff.

With Pope Francis about to make the environment as important an issue -- if NOT more important -- to Catholics than either abortion or homosexuality, the Conservative and Libertarian organizations, politicians, and individuals are set to oppose the Pontiff [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21].  EWTN should NOT be used as an instrument by these entities to entice faithful Catholics to ignore Pope Francis.  Advisers to Pope Francis on the environment have responded to these critics [22] [23].  Because these critics of Pope Francis would need to sacrifice a portion of their wealth and income due to the expense incurred for the action needed to be taken in order to protect the environment -- and Humanity itself -- from the current unrestricted and unregulated toxic contamination of the environment by the environmental polluters, they are fighting back [24] [25] [26] [27] [28] [29] [30] [31].  The toxic polluters of the environment love Mammon more they love God.  Does EWTN also love Mammon more than God?

It appears so.  This is based on EWTN's blatant disregard for considering that Pope Francis prayed for guidance in his decision to release his Encyclical on the Environment.  As every religious leader of Christendom does pray to God for guidance, Pope Francis will also do the same.  EWTN's purposely ignoring this important factor of prayer severely diminishes EWTN's own credibility.  In all other matters, Catholics accept the word of the Pope as final.  Up to now, that is actually what EWTN has been telling its Catholic viewers since the Papacy of John Paul II.  EWTN's actions to undermine the Papacy of Pope Francis before other Catholics is an offense to Pope Francis, The Catholic Church, and God.  This is why I urge the Diocese of Birmingham in Alabama to cease all connections with, support for, and ties to The EWTN Global Catholic Network.

Milillo is certainly prolix.  The letter was copied to me in an email.  Below is the interview Milillo is steamed about.  I mentioned it here on 20th. May -- JR

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