Note to Toaf

I really haven't got time for this but the tofu man, Toaf, amuses me. He has that characteristic Leftist certainty that he is right even when he is wrong. And I won't mention his "black" partner (who is actually a light-skinned Chinese).

A little while ago he thought it hilarious when I remarked that America had fallen into "alien hands". Showing complete ignorance of American usage, he thought I was talking about men from Mars or the like.

Hint: When Americans talk about "illegal aliens" they are NOT talking about men from Mars. They mean non-Americans or people who are not really Americans. Toaf claims to be an educated man but to me he seems idiotes kai agrammatos.

Hint to Toaf: If you are Greekless too, that is a quote from the New Testament. See if you can find it. Google won't help.

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  1. Ah, Toaf........I thought by now he would have driven up his own fundamental orifice by galactic-grade hubris.

    Maybe he has and said aperture is all that is left, rabbiting on.


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