Australia's PM-in-waiting talks about freedom

Bill Shorten is credited with the ruthless political execution of first-term ALP Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.  The woman installed in Rudd's place has hardly been a success story, so now there is talk of the assassin himself being elevated into the top job if Julia Gillard's poll numbers continue to plumb the depths.

In a Daily Telegraph article, Shorten provides some advice to a man who runs his own business who had the temerity to say penalty rates were harming profitability.

He also looks within his soul and gives us his line on freedom.

Please tell me he is joking...

WEEKENDS and holidays are for hitting the beach, family barbecues in the park, watching Disney movies at home in the afternoon, mowing the lawn, visiting grandma, going to Luna Park or playing cricket with a bunch of mates who look suspiciously like Max Walker.

It's different for all of us of course, but the grand Australian genius of weekends is that it's about taking a break from work and being able to do what you want. Our American friends make sweeping speeches about freedom -- we just get on with it.
Freedom is having your weekend free?

             A likeness not greatly dissimilar to Shorten:

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  1. Shorten has obviously never been a dairy farmer, or any other productive entity for that matter.


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