British student atheists under fire over Mohammed cartoon

We read:
"A row has erupted over an atheist society at a top London University posting a cartoon sketch featuring the prophet Muhammad having a drink with Jesus on its Facebook page.

A student Muslim group is demanding the 'offensive' image of Jesus and Mo having a drink at the bar, taken from an online satirical sketch, be removed from the social networking site.

The president of the Atheist, Secularist and Humanist society at the prestigious University College London (UCL), Robbie Yellon, has stepped down over the controversy. But the Society still refuses to take down the image - claiming its right to defend 'freedom of expression'.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association's protest against the photo has been backed by UCL's Union. A UCL Union statement said: 'The atheist society has agreed they will take more consideration when drawing up publicity for future events.


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  1. The crazy thing is that this Danish cartoon has become reality. Over 5 turban bombs in the last 10 months. All done in the name of the prophet Mohammad. I don't understand why Muslims are angry. This is reality.
    Check it out:


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