Must not speak the truth about "boat people"

("Boat people" are illegal immigrants, mostly Afghans and other poorly educated Muslims, who arrive in Australian waters by boat. They are immediatey imprisoned on arrival while their claims to be asylum seekers are assessed)

SERCO, the company that runs immigration detention, has stood down an officer who posted Facebook comments saying Muslim children in detention did not deserve Christmas presents and male detainees taught their children it was acceptable to beat wives.

The Serco officer, who has direct contact with asylum seekers held at the Darwin Airport Lodge, posted the Facebook comments on Monday, after an incident in which Christmas presents for 200 children were not handed out by officers until 12 days after Christmas.

"A member of Serco Immigration Services staff has been suspended pending the outcome of an internal investigation," a spokesman for the company said yesterday.

In the first Facebook comment, the officer wrote: "Sad for all the Christian kids! Not sure why Islamist (sic?) would want Christmas present."

A short time later he posted: "I don't know of any country in the world that you can enter illegally an be granted freedom immediately! No one abuses them, perhaps u forget the saying it takes two to tango. Maybe you need to come and face these men who teach their children that women have no rights. I guess you must think there is nothing wrong with domestic violence."

Victoria Martin-Iverson, a West Australian refugee advocate, saw the comments posted on Serco Watch, a Facebook page that monitors news about the multinational company that runs prisons in Britain as well as Australia's immigration detention network. The officer had boldly included his real name, which linked back to his own Facebook page that stated he was a Serco officer in Darwin.

"I thought they were pretty outrageous comments," Ms Martin-Iverson said. "What he essentially said is they are wife beaters. It is horrific and he is working directly with asylum seekers." She contacted the immigration department and the department's compliance division responded.

An immigration department spokeswoman said: "The department is aware of the incident. The detention services provider is investigating the matter as they are required to do under the terms of their contract."


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  1. I can write an essay on what I think, but it will take too much time. I hope you will take the time to read, and if possible, a reply would be nice too :)
    In my experience, I find westerners are quite emotional, softhearted, biased (especially when it comes to right), and overall bleeding hearts and being taken advantage off by the people who abuse this. I have to agree with some of your notes(On the right hand side of your blog).
    We do not have to full story of what goes on in detention centres, so we rely on resources like the media to see and decide on what is deemed as "fact" and "fiction". When those in power of the media is too biased, this perspective of thinking and beliefs will gradually influence and change society.
    I believe that every human has their rights, but I am not fan of human rights groups like Amnesty International and advocates (Ex: Asylum seeker advocates). I am also not a fan of ANY group/individuals/advocate when it comes to social debates like this, whom they/he/she are so emotional, so deluded in their own little world, and the only thing that they care is spreading what they believe and demanding what they want, with little regards to others, even if it means for forcing their beliefs to peoples' throats. When I meet these kind of people, they generally don't accept another person's POV if it doesn't fit with their beliefs, and think that they are "right", and those who think different are "wrong". What's worse is the amount of abuse (Mainly verbal) and name calling I get from these human right groups/advocates. Just google any editorial article on debates and look at the amount of people verbally abusing other online users (whom they don't even know). It is such irony that abuse happens while at the same time promoting "rights". There are too many examples today, with the debate of same sex marriage, abortion, Christian Religious Education etc etc etc etc.
    Now I know it is wrong to generalize but this is from my experience. I recognize that every one of us is biased to an extent because we have different beliefs and what we define as "fact" is not always the same. However, I am sick and tired of the political correctness that is going on PLUS the people who go to the extreme and I feel that this attitude is damaging and gradually society will become lawless and out of control.
    Sigh, that's the end of my two cents. I would like to know your opinion on this. Thank you :)


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